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steve jobs' war on competitors. >> positive start to stocks this morning. jane king is live at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >>> good morning. last week was the worst week for stocks since june. today starting out on a little positive note. light volume, bond market closed in observance of veterans day, stocking -- stocks are open, slightly higher across the board bloomberg index up half percent. remember how steve jobs vowed before his death last year to go thermo nuclear against rivals in patent disputes? that attitude appears to be changing many apple settles with hcc claiming -- [ unintelligible ] watch for a turn around attempt from the maker of blackberry after multiple delays, planning to unveil first of to blackberry smart tones the end of january. offering -- [ unintelligible ] [ inaudible ] >>> a lot of talk of holiday shopping. >> toys "r" us opening 8 p.m. thanksgiving day. >> your in a coma by then. >> how can you move and push people aside for all those deals. >> second dinner, dessert you have to shop to wear it off. i'm going shopping with you guys it is an
, school. our photographer getting great shots there, steve, you can follow him on twitter he also took photos that are amazing. >> right now let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> hopefully better news for you josh. >> you hear about the mudslide californiaian in nature seems to be that an regionally specific occurrence i hope everybody in daly city is okay. we have a lot to get to, as we look into this fbi probe into general petraeus' affair it appears to have snared his successor in afghanistan investigation has revealed possible relationship between general allen and a woman involved in the case full coverage of the scandal for the cia and u.s. military as this grows by the hour. also, a story out of michigan troubling, high school valedictorian stand-out athlete, you see him, on trial for allegedly murdering his mother. but, family and friends, including that man's own father, coming to his defense this morning. we'll look at why his family is sure that he did not do this. what if your favorite soda could fight fat i'm not going
. but now out front there are pictures of apple founders steve jobs and elan must who started tesla motors. this is an unconventional school that teaches young entrepreneurs how to succeed in the real business world. it's founder, capitalist tim draper, whose list includes hotlift, skype and tesla and now he's spent millions founding the new school. >> what i wanted to do was create a school of a type that encouraged people to step out there and become heros. to stick their neck out. as we say in the credo, to fail and fail again until they succeed. >> it's not open yet, but the school held a month-long pilot program for some 40 students this summer. >> my brand, my reputation are paramount. >> each morning starts out with a superhero pledge. >> i will treat people well. i will make short term sacrifices for long-term success. >> students sit on bean bags. the curriculum is just as unusual. there's yoga, go-carts, kayaking, painting, urban and rural survival contests. draper said these abc news tests teach them how to take on challenges out in the real world. >> a few people will succeed a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3